Archives images of my gemstone necklaces & clasps.

I recently spent some time looking through my old photos (research photos and finished pieces), sketchbooks and designs.

During this exploration, I came across photos of a number of the unique gemstone necklaces that I have been making for well over 6 years, since my student days at Kensington & Chelsea College.

The first of these necklaces was launched publicly during the year of my graduation in 2006 at New Designers (http://www.newdesigners.com/) to much welcome attention.

In 2007 (having been selected as one of only a few new up-and-coming jewellery designers in the UK to showcase my work at the prestigious ‘One Year On’ section of New Designers) I launched additional precious gemstone necklaces that were made of rubies and gold.

Since then I have been selling these necklaces through all of my stockists and exhibitions, and have also made a number of unique pieces especially for Dazzle exhibitions over the years. I am very proud to have been exhibiting with Dazzle every year since 2007 and hope that this carries on for many more years to come (http://www.dazzle-exhibitions.co.uk/).

Below are just a very small sample of the 200+ pieces I have previously made:

The uniqueness of each piece arises not only as a result of the gemstones that are specially sourced from around the World, but also the bespoke clasps that are made to fit in with the size and style of the gemstones. Each and every piece is individually handcrafted and I hand-knot/string each gemstone myself using both traditional and contemporary stringing methods that I have mastered over the years.

If you have a strand of gemstones or pearls that are sentimental to you but need a new lease of life please get in touch. I would be more than happy to discuss different design options for your gems over a cup of tea at my Central London studio.

On a separate note, I am currently working on a number of new pieces and designs never seen before so watch this space… I promise… you won’t be disappointed!