Collaboration - British Museum

Mandana Oskoui Contemporary Jewellery

Collaboration - British Museum



In 2014, the truly amazing and iconic institution that is the British Museum acquired a selection of our jewels to coincide with the opening of their major 'Vikings: Life and Legend' exhibition - the first at the British Museum in over 30 years!

This considerable exhibition ran from 6th March - 22nd June 2014 and at its heart is a 37-metre-long warship, found in 1997 that dates to around 1025. It is the longest Viking ship ever discovered. Swords and axes, coins and jewellery, hoards, amulets and religious images on display show how Vikings created an international network connecting cultures over four continents.

We are incredibly proud to be working with such an important and inspirational institution and are also incredibly honoured to have had our jewels selected for such an important, key exhibition.