Craft Central Clerkenwell Green building

Craft Central: An amazing organisation that I am proud to be part of.

Craft Central is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation. Established for over 25 years it is dedicated to building a strong future for craft and design.

It is a place where things happen. People get inspired. Creative businesses flourish and a community of designers and makers talk, meet and swap ideas. Put simply, Craft Central is a destination for those involved in craft who want to get somewhere, make something happen and see things differently.

I am very proud to be based at and be part of such an amazing organisation that offers such invaluable support and information to Designer-Makers such as myself. Craft Central oozes creativity by the bucket load and the hard work of all the Craft Central team is valued and much appreciated.

Have a look at the Craft Central web-site for more information on upcoming events and opportunities (