Inspiration behind the formations collection

Inspiration behind the ‘Formations’ collection

As most people within the jewellery and craft arena know by now, my main body of work (the ‘Formations’ collection) is inspired by the diverse sequences and formations found in minerals and rocks. I conducted a number of visual studies over the years looking at the way in which minerals and rocks are formed, and the patterns and structures created within them.

Here’s a little peek at my original college sketchbook…

Pictured below is my favourite rock; a cellular quartz. This particular specimen can be found in London’s Natural History Museum.

Cellular quartz image
This was a metamorphic rock that had been cross-cut by a network of quartz veins. Quartz is more resistant than the metamorphic rock, which contained minerals formed at high temperature and pressure. Consequently the quartz veins have resisted weathering and stand proud.

As you will see from the next image, this cellular quartz was the main source of inspiration behind my signature ‘Formations’ collection. In its most basic form, I recreate the patterns found using individual strands of precious metal, making the pieces that you see in my body of work.

Here’s an example of some patterns I found. The bottom left image was a pattern that was turned into one of the first clasps I ever made back in 2004.

Finding patterns in rock formations

And here’s a completed gold pendant on its source of inspiration.

Inspiration behind the formations collection

The structural, one-off ‘Rock Formation’ series (like the 4-layer rock formation brooch pictured below) were the original pieces that I designed and fabricated for my final major project and college exhibition at Kensington and Chelsea College back in 2004-2005.

This piece was quite a substantial one measuring approximately 15cm wide, 10cm long and 4cm deep. Each of these structural pieces have multiple solder joints which makes fabricating them quite a challenge.

4-layer rock formation brooch

Here’s a little video I made containing more images and research from my original minerals and rocks college sketchbook.

Video of my original minerals and rocks research sketches and photos.

Thanks for watching!