Inspiration behind the formations collection


My signature ‘Formations’ collection is inspired by the diverse patterns and architectures found in minerals and rocks. Individual strands of precious metals are prepared and soldered together to recreate the forms found in nature. Precious and semi-precious gemstones and beads are incorporated into the designs for added sparkle and depth.

Below is a small selection of designs in the collection; a collection that I have been building for over 15 years and has become my distinctive style.

Materials include brushed, polished and oxidised sterling silver; 9ct and 18ct yellow gold; diamonds, tourmaline, citrine, freshwater pearls, ruby, rutilated quartz, smokey quartz and green amethyst.

The ‘day-to-night’ earrings (which change from stud to dangly earrings), unique clasps (that are hidden in the design and made to be a feature), handmade ‘rutile link’ chain, and hand-bulilt linear structures are signature design traits in the collection.