Jewellery Care

Here are some tips and guidelines that Mandana has written on how to keep your jewellery looking its best. If you are at all unsure about any of the below, or need further information, please get in touch. 


• All jewellery should be treated with care.

• When using cosmetic products such as perfumes, hairspray, tanning lotion, creams etc., it is best to apply products first and allow them to dry fully before putting on your jewellery. Avoiding them altogether on areas the jewellery will sit if at all possible.

• In order to prevent scratches to your jewellery, store it separately in the box the piece was supplied in.

• Never shower, sleep, swim, exercise etc. in your jewellery.

• Take care not to knock your jewellery on hard surfaces as this can cause semi-precious stones to crack or chip and metal to dent and/or scratch.

• Chains can be delicate – please take care not to catch or tug them.

• Keep pieces out of the reach of children.

• Check that the scrolls (butterflies) on earrings are tight so as not to lose earrings and ensure catches are done up securely. 

• Gemstone beads and pearls should never be immersed in jewellery cleaner.


• All silver tarnishes with time. This happens naturally when it comes into contact with sulphides in the air, natural oils in the skin, and general pollution in our environment.

• To keep it looking its best either polish it gently with a silver cloth or wash it in warm soapy water (a little bit of washing up liquid works best), using a soft toothbrush to get into any awkward crevices.

• Always read the instructions carefully when using cleaning fluids as certain gemstones and pearls should not be immersed.


• To clean gold use a soft polishing cloth that is suitable for use with gold alloys. Gold can also be cleaned using warm soapy water and brushing with a soft toothbrush to remove any built up grime and dirt. 


• Oxidisation is the chemical treatment of silver to change the surface colour to a grey/black colour. As with most surface treatments, oxidisation is not permanent and will eventually fade. This is however a unique and positive feature of oxidisation as it highlights details of the jewellery and wears to each person individually making the jewellery even more unique.

• In order to care for your oxidised jewellery, avoid contact with: (1) chemicals (i.e. perfumes, deodorant spray, hairspray, tanning lotion, creams etc.), (2) abrasives (this will scratch the surface and remove oxidisation) and (3) do not immerse oxidised area in any chemicals including jewellery cleaning solutions (this will remove or fade the oxidisation).

• Oxidised silver does not generally require any cleaning. If cleaning is required, gently clean with a soft damp cloth. Avoid rubbing, hard brushes or abrasives as this may remove the oxide and scratch the surface.

• If you prefer, silver can be re-oxidised and we would be more than happy to do this for you.