The British Musuem

Mandana Oskoui jewels at the British Museum.

 A belated Happy New Year to you all and what a wonderful start to 2014 for Mandana Oskoui Contemporary Jewellery!

It has been in the pipeline for several months now (and we have been dying to share our wonderful news with you over those 6 months!) but we can finally announce that the truly amazing and iconic institution that is the British Museum has acquired a selection of our jewels to coincide with the opening of their major upcoming ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition – the first at the British Museum in over 30 years.

‘Sword and Sea’: main image for the ‘Vikings – Life and Legend’ exhibition at the British Museum. Source: British Museum website.

This considerable exhibition will be running from 6th March – 22nd June and at its heart will be a 37-metre-long warship, found in 1997 that dates to around 1025. It is the longest Viking ship ever discovered.

Swords and axes, coins and jewellery, hoards, amulets and religious images show how Vikings created an international network connecting cultures over four continents.

You can view a documentary on the ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition via the British Museum website here.

Our jewels will be on display at the Grenville Room shop where luxury items are on show.

I am so proud to be working with such an important and inspirational institution and am also incredibly honoured to have had our jewels selected… 

Alongside this, I am currently making final preparations for my first show of 2014 which will be ‘Desire’ Jewellery and Silversmithing Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall (running 7th-9th February).

Both emerging British talent as well as more established makers have been selected for their superb and innovative craftsmanship and genuine passion for the work they create. 

Hope to see you there!