test pieces in sketchbook

Materials, techniques and processes: Samples and test pieces.

A lot goes into the process of designing and making jewellery.

Once you have identified your inspiration and completed your primary and secondary research, you start to sketch some design ideas taking into consideration your technical knowledge of the materials, making techniques and processes you will use.

Then the fun, handson part starts; creating test pieces and samples.

test pieces in sketchbook

Here’s a short video I have made with a peek into some of the tests I conducted which creating my ‘Formations’ collection.

Copper was used to test out the different surface textures, finishes and forms as it has similar properties to sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold (e.g. similar softness). More obviously, copper is much cheaper than silver or gold and therefore a more cost effective material for testing.

Following on from this initial testing, silver samples were made. Here’s an image from 2004 when I was testing out the first pieces I had designed…

Once happy with the final results of the test pieces and samples the final pieces of your designs can be made.