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Retail Jeweller: In with the new.

During the New Designers ‘One Year On’ exhibition back in 2007, Anna Vitale of Retail Jeweller magazine interviewed me for an article she was writing titled ‘In with the new’. This was my first experience of being interviewed by press. You can find the full article in the August 2007 edition, but for now, here’s a snippet of what she wrote:

“Each year in July, design graduates from fields as diverse as architecture, graphic design, furniture, textiles and jewellery from 200 courses in the UK all meet up at the Business Design Centre in London to show off their latest collections. So, it is no surprise that this is a premier hot spot for prospective employers, buyers, gallery curators and the like to scope out Britain’s newest talent.

The event once again also held its sideshow, One Year On. This charts the progress of 40-plus up-and-coming design stars…

…this year, each designer was hand-picked to present their work by a panel led by design activist and retailer Thorsten van Elten, curator of the two-week event.

Here, we show the most prominent jewellery designers that took part in One Year On and discover how they have moved their jewellery designs forward and what they have to offer a year after graduation.”

Retail Jeweller magazine – august 2007 – ‘In with the new’