Inspiration behind new logo

The new look for Mandana Oskoui

Back in April, I met with the fantastic Space Agency here in London to discuss creating a new brand identity. I wanted an identity, specifically a logo, that was simple, contemporary and timeless. Something that people would see and instantly recognise and associate with Mandana Oskoui creations.

As the months rolled by, we had a number of meetings during which some superb concepts and designs were presented to me, the final of which, is the logo that you see below.

What was the inspiration behind this logo design? And why did we choose it over the other brilliant ideas that were presented to us? Well, this final design was inspired by the idea of ‘connections’ and ‘clasps’. I was thrilled that this concept was used in one of the branding designs presented, as my signature clasp have been a recognised and definitive concept in my body of work since the early days at jewellery school all those years ago. They will always remain so.

Inspiration behind new logo

With sales going from strength to strength, I feel big changes in the horizon and 2013 has been a real year of strategy and planning. We are very excited about the next 12 months, my plans for expansion and look forward to sharing the latest exciting news with you in due course.