Trust in Fashion Necklace: A close-up.

As promised in my last post, here are some details of the necklace that I made for and donated to the ‘Trust in Fashion’ catwalk event.

The necklace was made of sterling silver, cultured freshwater pearls and white topaz gemstones.

The solid sterling silver sections were designed using patterns from my signature ‘Formations’ collection. The sterling silver was finished with combinations of a polished and brushed effect. This added an additional depth to the topaz gemstones that were scattered and set in the design.

Trust in Fashion necklace close-up detail

There were approximately 760 pearls which I individually hand-knotted. I also had to organised the pearls by section to ensure that each of the 7 layers were balanced, thus providing fluid movement when worn and on the catwalk in motion.

Trust in Fashion necklace pearl close-up